You are the Difference in Christ

Would you love to see your members
more involved and engaged?

When members…

  • See what a difference they are already making
  • Understand the difference they are uniquely qualified to make
  • Feel appreciated for their contributions

They are more engaged in the mission.

As a minister, you rely on the volunteerism of your membership. It’s the backbone of any congregation.

One of the problems, though, is burnout – both from the volunteers and from the pastor who feels they alone have to carry the burden of encouraging and expressing appreciation to the volunteers.

Well, here’s something that several groups have found tremendously helpful…

Introducing: You Are the Difference – a one-hour workshop filled with songs, powerful stories and interactive activities that help members discover their ability to supercharge their faith and be the difference – for others and for themselves.

Ministers Love It Because:

  • It provides a fresh and unique event for members and their family and friends
  • It helps members to recognize and feel appreciated for the little things they do
  • It inspires members to be more engaged with church programs and each other

The Takeaways:

Own it – Audience members learn how to appreciate the value of, and take ownership of, the unique resources they possess to make a positive impact each and every day.

Feel it – Audience members learn how to create and maintain a positive energy that they, and everyone around them, can feel.

Unleash it – Audience members learn specific skills that will enable them to unleash the potential they have for having a positive impact on themselves and everyone they come in contact with.

Powerful Stories and Engaging Songs

I not only share my own personal stories, I also perform original songs that get your members up on their feet to join in the excitement.

Video Demo Reel

What people are saying…

Steve is a man with a life-affirming Christian message of positivity. He encourages us to see ourselves as God sees us – as very good! We just need allow God’s love shine through! Steve encourages us to discover our creative purpose as he sings, speaks and shares the love of God bringing us closer to the heart of God.Bryan Elliot - Pastor, Community Christian Church, Lincolnshire, IL
The presentation was a powerful display of overcoming with a unique way of bringing others along for the ride. I was moved by Steve’s story, but equally compelled by the way the participants engaged with empathy and solutions. It seemed that Steve’ story was –in some way– a combination of every story in the room.Tanner Versage - Campus Minister
Just want to say a hearty Thanks to you, Steve. I think, from the program, one of the main things that I got from it is that we have to be comfortable acknowledging that we have something to bring to the table – it’s not minimal, but of great value and you can make a difference. So, I just want to say thanks again. I really believe in the program, I think it was fun, I think it was engaging, but, more than anything, I think it was encouraging in allowing us to really consider just what God has instilled in us and how that can be used to make a big difference through doing small things that we’re equipped to do. Thanks, I appreciate it. I hope all the best for it, and we’d love to have you come again!Maurice Charles - Campus Minister


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