You are the Difference!

Discover the amazing difference you are making…and may not even be aware of!

We’re all looking for meaning in life. Everyone wants to feel like they are making a significant contribution at some level – at home, in our communities, at school or on the job.

It’s what gets us up in the morning and helps us perform at our very best. When we feel like we have autonomy, mastery and purpose in our lives, we’re unstoppable!

Steve Pederson’s You are the Difference experience demonstrates that how we view ourselves effects our productivity, creativity and flow.

Now you can help your team be the difference!

The Takeaways:

When you bring Steve Pederson in to talk about how You are the Difference, people learn…

  • How to generate a deep well of their own personal inner motivation
  • How to develop self-esteem, confidence and a sense of value
  • How to find and maintain a productive and helpful mindset and a positive focus
  • How to find meaning in what they do
  • How to take 100% responsibility for their lives and their outcomes

When people know that they are the difference, it…

  • Creates a ripple effect that is healthy and impacts your bottom line and objectives
  • Creates a positive environment conducive to cooperation and being highly productive
  • Creates longevity in participation – helping people avoid burn-out

More than a talk…it’s a keynote concert! 

In addition to interactive discussion, Steve also gets people singing along with his original song, also entitled You are the Difference. Give it a listen here…

What people are saying…

We should not compare ourselves to the “supertars” of the world. That will only lead to non-action on our part. Using personal real life examples, Steve shows that each one of us, in our own humble way, can make a positive difference, however small, in this world. In other words, your life matters!Stan Roelker, President - Rotary of Lincolnshire


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