You (Teens) are the Difference!

You (Teens) are the Difference!

I wish I had known this when I was a teen…

The power to make positive choices starts with recognizing the positive within ourselves and others.

I still have my journals from my teenage years.

With so much to measure up to, teens often feel like they’re never good enough, or only as good as their last grade or performance. The media doesn’t make it any easier.

It’s difficult for teens to give themselves and their peers credit for the good and positive things they do on a daily basis.

With so much peer, academic and other pressure, it often becomes a competition. Unless they are trained to constantly see the positive within themselves and their peers, and the difference they are already making, teens can start to go down a dark path. I know. I did.

You see, when I was growing up, I had a lot of challenges to deal with. Forget about making a difference, much less making good choices. I was just trying to survive each day! I sought solace in my journals, which I still have to this day. Their black covers are a symbolic reminder of that very dark time of my life.

Everybody wants to make a difference, but often times people feel that…

  • They don’t yet have what it takes to make a difference
  • They probably won’t ever make a real significant difference, so why try?
  • They’ve never done anything that’s really significant or that really matters
  • They aren’t worthy of making a difference

Today’s youth can relate to many of the things I was dealing with…

  • Being rejected by members of my community
  • Being rejected by members of the opposite sex
  • Wearing really crazy clothes…and getting teased about it
  • Being a total failure when it comes to athletics
  • Living with a dysfunctional, chemically-dependent and abusive family

When I was growing up, nobody ever told me that I was really significant or all that important. I was never taught what kind of an impact my mindset had on my life, and the lives of those around me. I was told that, if I tried hard enough, maybe someday I could make something of myself.

When you don’t think very highly of yourself, it’s hard to make good choices. 

I grew up with the teeter-totter tipped towards insecurity and low self-esteem. I needed some serious adjustments!

That’s me on the left – the guy with the wrench – back in 1986.

How I wish someone would have come to my school and told me – even sung to me – how amazing I was!

Now I do have an amazing life, but I wonder how different my life would have been had somebody taught me how I could think in new, positive and helpful ways. Then I could see that it really didn’t matter…

  • What I looked like
  • Who I hung out with or dated (or didn’t date…heh…)
  • What my performance was on the basketball court
  • How messed up my personal and family life was
  • And a myriad of other unhealthy self-judgment criteria

That’s what I now bring to teens. I help them understand that THEY ARE THE DIFFERENCE!

Through an amazing transformational time together of music, activities and storytelling, I help empower people to understand on a very profound level just how significant and amazing they are right here, right now, in this moment.

The Experience

Can You Relate? 

I share my story of personal struggle throughout my teenage years. I share a couple of appropriate excerpts from my teenage journals, along with fun photos of me from my childhood. This brings people into my world and they literally can see themselves in my story.

I then sing my song Brain Storming, a song about the conflict and struggle we often feel inside.

The Transformation

I discuss the key ingredient missing from most people’s understanding of what it takes to actually make a difference. I then have participants do an interactive exercise that get’s them plumbing the depths of their heart regarding what they actually think of themselves.

The Finale

I sing my song You are the Difference, and I get the audience involved by sharing new found empowering thoughts about themselves.

Listen to the song here…

The result

Teens go away feeling…

  • A much deeper sense of self-worth
  • More connected with their peers on a heart level
  • Like they can do more than they ever thought
  • Hopeful that they can overcome even the toughest challenges
  • A profound appreciation for who they already are
  • Like what they have to offer is explosive and powerful!

What others are saying…

I would love to come and share this transformational time with your church youth group, school or organization!

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