Your Personal Algorithm

I’m sure you’re aware that, the more you “like” things on social media, the more you’re going to see similar posts or more posts from that profile.

Similarly, if you “like” a song on a music streaming platform like Pandora, you’re going to hear more music like that.

You’re participating in creating an algorithm (one of those fancy words that most people couldn’t explain but feel smarter just saying).

Well, just like you have a feed on social media platforms, you also have what I call a feed of awareness. This is the stream of thoughts that flow through your conscious awareness.

And, just like on Facebook or Pandora, you have the option of “liking” those thoughts or ignoring those thoughts. You can even “share” those thoughts if you really feel they resonate with you.

And, just like that algorithm online, when you focus on thoughts, it’s like telling your subconscious mind that you really like those thoughts and want to share those thoughts, so…

What your subconscious mind will do will look for similar thoughts to bring into your feed of awareness. “Oh, you like that? Well, let’s find some more of that!”

What happens over time is that the algorithm establishes a very strong and deeply rooted bias. It knows your preferences. So, if your preferences change, you’re still going to be fed content that is based on the history and habits you’ve developed.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your mind, it’s not as simple as unfollowing or “unfriending” someone, nor can you just jump to a different platform.

The good news is that you can always reprogram your personal algorithm if you feel like it’s not serving you the most healthy content.

How do you do that?

By being deliberate about about the thoughts you choose to give focus to and feeding your mind with positive input. You will always get more of what you focus on.

Also, choose your playlist wisely. Literally. Someone has said, you are what you listen to. That is one of the reasons I am creating music with a positive message.

My album The Dream Highway is getting closer and closer to completion. It’s looking like I will be able to finish up with the music production within the next week or two! When it’s ready, I’m sure you’re going to love it!

I have also created a playlist of popular songs with a positive message for you.

You can access that playlist here


I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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